Landmark-Earth is a record label and artist management company founded on the concept that one person can make a difference. The first project of Landmark-Earth is titled “Project Shell Shock” and is aimed at the aforementioned purpose.

Project Shell Shock – “In every event the beginning is the most notable.”

Project Shell Shock is geared towards the Hip Hop industry. It revolves around the posthumous artist, Soulja Slim, who remains an icon in New Orleans. Soulja Slim’s impact on Hip Hop was so powerful that even today artists such as Lil Wayne are rapping about him. Just listen to his latest release “Try Me”. Soulja Slim has made music with legendary artists such as Snoop Dogg. Notable artists such as Soulja Boy, and Japanese icon, SoulJa, rooted their stage name on Soulja Slim’s legacy. Soulja Slim was buried with his Cut Throat Comitty Charm, to signify how much he believed in his label.

At its inception Cut Throat Comitty was shoulder to shoulder with No Limit Records and Cash Money Records. In 2015, No Limit Records and Cash Money Records are once again front page of the news. The only New Orleans based group missing is Cut Throat Comitty, a group that was destroyed at its very inception. Landmark-Earth will begin by resurrecting Soulja Slim’s dream through Project Shell Shock’s first two operations.